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Sins of Her Father APK v1.03 Android Port Adult Game Download | The Adult Channel

Sins of Her Father APK v1.03 Android Port Adult Game Download | The Adult Channel

Everyone is different and special to you and the traits that makes them more different and special to be celebrated your living. At least that's what they say as long as you are not too different or the right kind of special.
The protagonist in this game is the daughter of the wicked and deviant man that named Aleister Crawley. Ever since she was born and her father looked at her as through she was freak and made sure that she felt every bit of this game and his disdain because the protagonist in this game is futanari.
Her father was very aggressive person who are both physically and verbally abusive to her (that child) as long as she could remember what's happening to her and why her father abusive to her. However when she began to develop her mind and she began to know what's happening to her and why.
When her father noticed that there were 'Redeeming' qualities to her and this is when the other type of abusive began. She left his family includes her mother and father behind. She never see behind to his family members. Now she start living a good lifestyle.
Then she found her mother at her house in search of living place. You see, he father had finally gotten what he deserved and was set to go to prison for crimes what he did to her daughter and different person.
Her mother, however was turned into the street and was now forced to find her own ways to live her life. Now it's up to the player to decide what he choose and it's matter to forgive her mother for not protecting her from her father. he
Now she start sheltering her mother with her. She can use the many opportunities to get a little bit a revenge from her mother.


Release Date 2019-09-02
Size 140MB
Developer Nun Ya
Censorship No
Version 1.03 Final
OS Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language English

 Final Mom asks you to share the bed. Triggers at 30 Affection/Submissiveness or above Sex with Mom in the bedroom. 
Triggers at 30/40/50 Affection/Submissiveness or above. between MC and Futa in the strip club. (Triggers by going to work on a Friday evening in the strip club.) 

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