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Big Brother APK v0.12 Android Port Adult Game Download | The Adult Channel

Big Brother APK v0.12 Android Port Adult Game Download | The Adult Channel

Big Brother APK v0.12 Android Port Adult Game Download
This is ongoing Port version of Big Brother apk for Android from Dark Silver. In addition some more mods by F95 mods includes A Shopping Adventure, Seduction Mod, Photo Gallery Session, Supermod and much more and additional mods credits direct goes to The Adult Channel. Or Its End of in 13th update of the original game and with mod version. My Desktop is quite Weak and my skill is not much but at least I try to expand the world and the some graphic related bugs.
I hope you'll like this game mod version Available Website of The Adult Channel.

Release Date 2019-12-19
Size 239MB
Developer Sisterzz
Censorship No
OSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android
LanguageRussian (original), English (Yandex Translate)

Version 0.07:
  • Innovations and added: 
  • Added new events with Lisa 
  • Added a new film 
  • Added 5 achievements Now in certain places to save (2 slots the page 0) 
  • Phone added button to hide the interface

 Changes and fixes:
  • Updated the “Porn Studio”. New locations are added in the game. Porn Studio now open until 22:00. Phone, changed the location of the quick menu. 
  • I converted all the previous images. On phones some arts could be displayed incorrectly, i.e. they were visible only silhouettes. 
  • Alex666 prerendered image update 

  • Namely, scenes with sex with Kira at the Hotel. Updated 19 images. 
  • Fixed transition “Back to the location”. If you immediately after passing the “tests” in the clinic, instead of move to another location, turned over the phone, and then back button “to Return to the location” didn’t work. 
  • Translation to English is done from scratch through Yandex Translator. 
  • Fixed bug with transition days weeks after sex with Kira at the Hotel 
  • Fixed a bug with the phone when passing events in the school. If instead of writing a SMS in the hallway, I decided to write from the lobby. It was not possible to remove the phone. Applied fixes coming after the release of version 

  • again fixed a bug with getting the WiFi password 
  • reduced the number of required shots to start the new event with Aunt Kira from 25 to 15 phone added a translucent black background when choosing a response or action Save page 0
  • On the page itself is better or what not to save, especially it is not desirable to occupy the first two slots, as they will be constantly overwritten
  • In the first slot, save, when you go to sleep. In the second slot save, when transitioning between locations.  
  • The miniatures may not match, because as a thumbnail it uses the image  
Version 0.08: 
Innovations and added: 
  • Updated Mall. Added new locations, and arrows in the interface, you can move around the Mall. 
  • Added one event with max. 
  • Added event with Mom, Lisa and Olivia. 
  • Added a new clothing store and events with it. 
  • Added a new opportunity to earn money. Work in the Mall. 
  • Added 5 achievements.

Changes and fixes: 
  • Fixed minor bugs and errors in the text. 
  • Made some changes in scripts. 
  • Fixed a bug with the solicitation to Lisa’s night. 
  • The phones will now display the emotions of the characters. 
  • Change the language with a single tap. You can change the language through: Home button, Settings, Phone. 
  • Slightly redesigned the desktop interface of the laptop. 
  • On Android you do not need to enter the Wifi password. 
  • To call the quick menu on Android, you must click on the top of the screen. 
  • Changed interface and SMS code. 
  • Olivia to come home at night, you need to talk or write to Lisa. 
  • Random events, peeping, DS (Alice, Lisa and Olivia) and Richman are combined and available in the Mall. 
  • Redesigned interface and shopping system in the store. Made based on the code from the game My cute roommate. 
  • Redone the schedule in the phone. All released fixes after the release of the previous update are also applied.

Version 0.09: 
Innovations and additions: 
  • Updated “School” location 
  • Added new location and new events with Olivia and Diana 
  • Added possibility to change the font size of dialogs for phones. 
  • The number of the applied commit will be displayed before the main menu. In the left part above the material support buttons. 
  • Added the ability to skip days at night when you are in your room. 
  • An icon of missed messages has been added to the game interface. 
  • Added a new look and feel of the Save menu and the ability to give names to the saved messages. 
  • Added 5 new achievements. 
  • For phones, added the ability to increase the font in the phone in the “Passage” tab The slider is located only in the Passage tab, but the font changes in the Modes tab as well.

Changes and corrections: 
  • Replaced renderings with new ones in the School Games event 
  • The code displaying character icons by location has been redesigned. 
  • The code with character names has been redesigned. Removed a lot of repetitions in the text, because of the bent names. Removed the ability to change names for Katia and Olivia. Playing in Russian, their names or nicknames of characters should be bent on the cases. – Changed the code of mentions. 
  • Changed the code of achievements. 
  • Changed the code of movement on transport. 
  • Changed the statistics code. 
  • Yoga with Anna, where the ball is used, now run through the dialogue, not automatically as before. 
  • Fixed the height of the block with the text of dialogs for phones. 
  • Fixed jumps on events in Richman in achievements. 
  • Fixed passages where you need to buy or candy or condoms 
  • Overlaid on the images of the nicknames of the authors of F95
  • If the image says “Author by nickname”, then this artwork with F95 and its author is “nickname”. 
  • If “Author by “ is indicated on the image, it means that this artwork is definitely fanciful, but only it is not known who the author is 
  • If on the image it is visible almost transparent avatar PGN, it means this scene made, and then rendered PornGodNoob 
  • If the image, except for the avatar PGN, also says “Рендер от”, it means that the scene in Daz3D was collected by PornGodNoob, and rendered by the specified person
  • All the previous fixtures were used 
  • Game from scratch translated by DeepL

Version 0.10: 
Innovations and additions: 

  • Added new movie and new events with Mom (Ann) 
  • Added “Continue” button to load the last save – Now you can change the font size in the answer or action selection menu 
  • Added new location “Motor showroom” and new events with a new character 
  • Partially updated “Hotel” location (the next update will be the rest of the changes in the appearance of locations) 
  • Added artwork from the author of “papersand” 
  • Added a feature to skip dialogues during filming (there is a feature in the settings, but it does not work perfectly) But if the pass is enabled, it’s impossible to get an achievement and no points for sex with characters will be added. 
  • Added buttons to switch between 2 and 4 hours 
  • Added 15 new achievements

Changes and corrections:
  • Changed the shortcut menu call for phones The quick menu is now only available during dialogs and when selecting an answer. There is an invisible button at the top of the screen for calling. If you are not in the middle of a dialog, you can exit the game menu using “Max’s phone”. On the right, on the frame, there are three horizontal bars. 
  • Changed the flip and close buttons in “Max’s Phone” with the vertical position 
  • Changed the screen code in the dressing room of the porn studio 
  • Fixed interface in shopping mall Locations that are not opened by the player will be displayed in the interface, but will be unclickable 
  • Changed the translation of the wrong replica in the 6th movie. 
  • Fixed the bug with the transition of days of the week during the “Kira Apartment” event 
  • Fixed an error that prevented cunni Kira from being included in the statistics 
All the previous fixtures were used

Version 0.11:
Innovations and additions:

  • Added new events with Alice
  • Added 7 new achievements 
  • Updated the art of events related to Aunt Kira’s apartment 
  • Updated location art: Apartment of Kira and Reception Hotel 
  • Added more tips for walkthrought and chances for different amounts of wine in events with Anna from the update 0.10 
  • In case you need access to your computer and Mom doesn’t have the possibility to get the password from WiFi, you can get it from Alice

Changes and corrections:

  • Redone the interface of the page, which is displayed before the menu, after the start of the game. If a fix is set, the page with the number and list of fixes will be shown immediately 
  • Added a width limit on the selection button 
  • Reduced vehicle and Jacuzzi prices 
  • Added icon for achievements that cannot be repeated 
  • After 23:00, skip time 2 and 4, not available. 
  • English. 
  • Added translation of porn movie titles 
  • Changes have been made to the code when Max goes to bed. 
  • Changes have been made to the transport movement code during missions 
  • All the previous fixtures were used

Version 0.12:
Innovations and additions:

  • Added new location “Clinic”
  • Added 21 achievements 
  • The scenes of punishment on the veranda have been expanded. Made at the suggestion of “Прост_чел”.

Changes and corrections:

  • Updated the map of the city, as well as changed the time of travel time on transport between locations 
  • Reduced number of sex required for events with Lisa and Kate 
  • Less chance of Lisa waking you up at night 
  • Buttons changed for phones when selecting action or answer 
  • Phones are no longer able to save with their own names due to interface difficulties
  • Changes and corrections have been made to the last update with Alice: 
  • Fixed problems with sex toys and inaccuracies in prompts 
  • Fixed a bug that caused Alice to go to her aunt’s apartment with Max, even though Kate was coming 
  • Fixed the bug in Alice’s unavailability of punishments
  • After the Mom, the cam show is available again when Mom’s not home. 
  • Fixed bug when Max couldn’t go shopping with everyone if he missed breakfast 
  • Now, if breakfast was missed on Monday, the house fee is still deducted. Earlier this could have been avoided. 
  • Corrections in events “Priestess”
  • The first time you shoot with Lisa, the pass will be automatically disabled
  • if you ignored the passage, you could count the event as passed, even if you were in another movie. 
  • A hint with the events with Angelica Frederico was corrected

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