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Deliverance APK [Chapter 1-9] [Android|PC|MAC] Adult Game Download | The Adult Channel

Deliverance APK [Chapter 1-9] [Android|PC|MAC] Adult Game Download | The Adult Channel

Deliverance APK Android Adult Game Download
You play as the main character spending his whole life as a police detective. He is famous for the solving the crime cases, unravel any mystery and even catch the smarter villains but some thing has changed really soon. That's where story begins. Can one failure determine you destiny? Can you really overcome from your past? Every decision you've ever made that define your future in this game.
 In the game you'll play as your own chose name. You have to overcome from your past. Of course there's are tonnes of opportunities to meet bunch of beautiful women. Hoe will you treat them this your choice. In gentleman fashion or maybe use them for gain your advantage. Be carefull! Your each decision can impact your character's future unlocks. You decide if you want to become a here or a villain.


Release Date 2020-03-15
Size 375MB
Developer 1 Thousand
Censorship No
VersionCh. 1-9
OSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android

Chapter 2:

  • 750 renders and 20 animations, 
  • 34 (!) music tracks
  • created by me and licensed.
  • reworked ~100 renders from Chapter I
  • mostly with Katherine. 
  • fixed slow transitions between menus, RMB takes you now to the save menu,
  • rollback enabled and bound to mousewheel (up and down), 
  • autosaves enabled

Chapter 3:

  • 600 renders, 17 animations,
  • new character and relationships menu, 
  • 11 new music tracks, 
  • Rollback button added to the quick menu, 
  • more save pages. 

 Chapter 4:

  • 480 renders and 3 animations, 
  • walkthrough (for Patrons only)
  • 5 new music tracks. 

 Chapter 5:

  • 620 renders and 10 animations, 
  • 1 new music track, 
  • shadowed font (hopefully more visible for some on brighter backgrounds). 

 Chapter 6

  • 670 renders and 11 animations,
  • 4 new music tracks,
  • enlargement of… some body parts,
  • minor UI changes. 

 chapter 7

  • 790 renders, 7 animations, 
  • 7 new music tracks,
  • further UI changes 
  • Rollback, rollforward,
  • Quick menu always on top 
  • Ability to save during decisions and animations, 
  • Android
  • Additional ENTER button to make sure there aren’t more issues with accepting player’s name.

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