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Desired Love APK v0.06.4 [Android|Pc|Mac] Adult Game Download | The Adult Channel

Desired Love APK v0.06.4 [Android|Pc|Mac] Adult Game Download | The Adult Channel

Desired Love APK Android Port Adult Game Download
You play as male role protagonist you live normal life as everyone have. Some events will change your life which is totally different from the others family. However and it will be on you how you deal with them. Your choices may or may not depends on the further events.


Release Date 2020-02-05
Size 245MB
Developer VEGA Studio
Censorship No
OSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android

Fresh start needed 

  • Complete visual rework (Remake). 
  • Implemented inventory system.  
  • Added “interactions” Julia’s scenes. 
  • Added requirements for events to become available. 
  • More than 140 new renders Added 
  • Added More than 280 renders remastered 
  • Added first things to pick up. 
  • Added Fixed dialogues. 
  • Double the amount of text compared to version 0.02. 
  • Added New menu/design. 
  • Added Rollback switch in Options. 
  • 0.03.3 Bug fix, added one more scene.


  • tonnes of bugs fixed.  
  • fixed dialogues Box. 
  • fixed bed Added.  
  • added one missing animation. 
  • dynamic main menu background 
  • living room time skip


  • Added an interactable bathtub (Evening and night only). 
  • Added memory minigame (Normal and Uber Mode). 
  • Added scene replay. 
  • Added placeholder screens because of misconceptions of what is yet to be implemented. 
  • Added Log (Experimental, added additional info).
  • GUI improvements. 
  • Bugfixes (fixed log preventing to gain more info).
  • Check your in-game mail inbox for possible reveal of a new side character


  • Added values for Music, Sound, Voice volume, Text speed etc. 
  • New design for Choice buttons

swipe down to hide the ui 
swipe right to start skipping of text 
swipe left&right to toggle the quick_menu 
swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu or touch the daytime indicator

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