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Lukes Way APK v0.22b [Android|Pc|Mac] Adult Visual Novel Game Download | The Adult Channel

Lukes Way APK v0.22b [Android|Pc|Mac] Adult Visual Novel Game Download | The Adult Channel

Lukes Way APK Android Port Adult Visual Novel Game Download
You as main role named Luke you can't change this name and the story based upon a boy who is moved into a new city searching for a better job or life. He manage a job that change their life in a company called L.P. On his first day at work, he is invited by carrie to a welcoming party which is turns out to be massive orgy.
 After only a few days, his boss admits that she likes you from the first time when she saw you. They started romance every single days. She offer him a biggest role in his company and free pass to have fun with other girls.


Updated 2020-03-12
Size 400MB
Developer Eviluser
Censorship No
OSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android


  • 1 new event with Ella 
  • 1 new Christmas event with Michelle 
  • 2 new repeatable events with Michelle 
  • 1 new character Michael 
  • New GUI implemented 
  • A lot of text correction (with help from new proofreader)


  • 3 new events with Ella 
  • 2 new characters: Gianni and Lorenzo


  • Finished Lorenzo’s event 
  • 1 new event with Desiree 
  • 1 new event with Michelle and Rachel 
  • 1 new small event with Rachel (chance to open her path if you aren’t) 
  • 2 new small events with Michelle
  • 1 new event with Jeanette 
  • 1 recurring event with Jeanette 
  • 1 new character: Raquel 
  • Phone app with call and hint system


  • Implemented map with 3 starting locations (2 of them are separated by rooms/floors). 
  • From now on, if you need to talk with someone, you need to go to their place to do that. For example: If you need to talk to Carrie at work, you need to go at work find her and talk with her, same is with Melissa and Michelle. 
  • 2 new main plot events added. 
  • Updated the hint system to help you guide you through v0.10 content.


  • Changed back from free roam into VN style. 
  • 2 different morning events with Beth (1st is Beth only path and 2nd is Beth/Rachel path).
  • 1 event with Krysten added. 
  • 1 new camshow with Iris added. 
  • 1 new evening event with Rachel (For those on Rachel’s path).
  • 2 night events with Beth (1st is Beth only path and 2nd is Rachel/Beth but it depends on a choice made in the beginning of v0.11). 
  • 3 night events with Rachel (1st depends on choice made in the begininng of v0.11, 2nd and 3rd depends on a choice made on the end of Beth’s night events).


  • Continuation of Rachel’s relationship path added 
  • Introducing Samantha with 3 possible paths added. 
  • Introducing pregnancy paths added. 
  • Introducing Late Night Studio events. 
  • 130+ new renders added. 
  • Free-Roam is completely removed from the game 
  • Old saves doesn’t work.


  • 190 new images added.
  • Events with Krysten, Rachel, Iris, Morena, Michelle and Kim added. 
  • One unavoidable sex scene, Two avoidable sex scenes added. 
  • Progress on Iris, Samantha, Krysten and Rachel’s stories added.
  • New improved animation on one of the avoidable sex scenes added. 
  • Start of Michelle’s pregnancy path added. 
  • Relationship with Krysten added. 
  • Gifts system added.


  • 200 new images Added. 
  • One avoidable sex scene (rough and gentle option depends on you). 
  • Progress on Iris and Rachel’s stories added.


  • 375 images in total
  • 4 new animations One avoidable sex scene. 
  • Progress on Angels Media, Samantha and Rachel. 
  • New webcam character Divina (If you are not on Rachel’s route)
  •  Progress on Michelle’s pregnancy path.


  • 253 images in total 
  • Alexandra’s path available. 
  • Progress on Krysten path. 
  • Progress on Rachel’s path. 
  • New webcam character Divina. 
  • New character Gia. She is available only on Rachel’s path (for now). 
  • Progress on Michelle’s pregnancy path.


  • 297 images in total. 
  • 5 new animations.
  • New content with Michelle. 
  • New content with Krysten. 
  • New content with Raquel with option to play her path. 
  • New content with Samantha (first sex scene with her, if you are in relationship with her). 
  • New content with Michael (if he is your friend with option to share a girl with him). 
  • New content with Rachel. 
  • Christmas event with Michelle, Rachel, Krysten and Melissa (Melissa’s pregnancy path is now open).


  • 321 images in total. 
  • 6 animations. 
  • new optional content with Rachel. 
  • new content with Michelle. 
  • new optional content with Ella (with ability to break up with her). 
  • new optional content with Rachel and Gia.

 v0.21 Changelog: 

  • 354 images in total. 
  • 9 animations. 
  • various daytime story events 
  • New optional content with Gia (option to close Gia’s path). 
  • new optional content with Rachel.

swipe down to hide the ui 
swipe right to start skipping of text 
swipe left&right to toggle the quick menu 
swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu or use in the phone 
longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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