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SEXPOOL APK v0.5 [Android|Pc|Mac] Adult Game Download | The Adult Channel

SEXPOOL APK v0.5 [Android|Pc|Mac] Adult Game Download | The Adult Channel

SEXPOOL APK Android Port Adult Game Download
Vicky, the main character in Sexpool game. Vicky is a patrol officer is trying to break up a gang which is locally in his area. But something went wrong... There, she is undressed and made a sex slave all night by the gang members, but she has vicky survives and had multiples of serious injuries to her internal organs and had some fractures. Next day, she find herself at hospital. In hospital, colonel invited vicky to become part government secret experiment that can return her to a full life.


Release Date 2020-04-13
Size 66MB
Developer KexBoy
Censorship No
OSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android


  • 3 new scenes 
  • 75 new art 


  • 2 new scenes 
  • 15 new art 


  • 8 scenes 
  • 171 CG-art 


  • 2 new scenes 
  • 51 new CG-art 


  • little bugs fixed 
  • added easter egg 
  • added options to pass the gangbang scene with bad guy 


  • 2 new scenes 
  • 51 new CG-art 
  • UI upd 

v0.4.0 chapter II: 

  • 5 scenes 
  • 157 new CG-art

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