Sunday, 5 July 2020

My Dream Girl APK v0.12 [Android|PC|MAC] Game Download | The Adult Channel

My Dream Girl APK v0.12 [Android|PC|MAC] Game Download | The Adult Channel

Max, A teacher by profession decides to propose to the woman of his dreams, while on a picnic to a remote abandoned castle. But a beautiful woman greats him in the castle to his surprise and what else awaits him is for you all to find out.​

Release Date 2020-07-05
Size 86MB,660MB,650MB All
Developer A Dre@mer Studio
Censorship No
OSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android
- Added 130 new images HD Images !
- Added Music and Sound effects to the game.
- MC can be renamed now.
- Added 2 new Character: Sister Mery & Minna
- Added 1 side story.
- Added Gallery on the main menu.
This update has progression on the main story. Twice the size than the previous updates. The side story with no impact on the main story for now. In the main storyline, some of your choices will be of great importance as they will change the story progression so be sure to play both parts. For now, similar choices are in the same color. The Gallery is a good place to revisit some of the in-game HD Images And around 3900+ words in dialogues and text!

- Added 110 new images
- Added 4 new Characters: Miss Sweets, Don, Diggy, Professor John.
- Added 1 side story.

first release

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